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What we offer 


Alongside farming activities, there is a good quality farm-stay facility to accommodate visitors at Kalimpong Village Retreat. We seek guests who are sensitive to and appreciate the peace of this traditional hill community and the beauty of the surrounding natural area. The farm is located in an area peculiarly rich in flora and fauna.


Our aim is to ensure that visitors contribute positively to the local economy and environment. Ecotourism will create more direct employment opportunities for locals, in terms of Staff members, Trekking guides, Naturalists, Village Homestay, and other farm-related work.

Farm & it's Surroundings 


Kalimpong Village Retreat is situated in a small peaceful village called EECHAY,  6 KM away from main town. Our village is dominated with Nepali Community, which adds to its charm as guests can witness the diversity of India. Our Farm is surrounded by forest trees, farmlands, water streams, village houses and overlooks, vast virgin forests, which rise along the wild and uninhabited Neora valley to the tri-junction with Bhutan and Sikkim. We also have a natural spring where guests can enjoy an outdoor open shower.

Kalimpong Bazar retains its quaint bustling character from mixture of many communities like Lepchas, Nepalese, Bhutias ,Marwari, British, Bengalis and even north Indian classes. There is also a ancient Shiva Temple and Buddhist Monastery in immediate surrounding area to our farm.


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Kalimpong Village Retreat is situated at an Altitude 1,250 Meters and enjoys mild and pleasant climate most of the year.


  • December to March: Mostly sunny, clear and crisp. Average daytime temperature  15 – 25 Celcius / Night 10  to 15 Celcius.

  • April to June: Average daytime 25 to 35  Celcius / Night 20 to 25  Celcius       

  • July - August: Monsoon, warm and cloudy. Ave daytime temp. 27 Celcius / Night  20-25 Celcius.

  • Sept to November: Ave daytime 25 - 35Celcius / Night 25-28  celcius

Flora & Fauna


Kalimpong Village Retreat is surrounded by, Fruit orchards, farmlands and natural forests which attract a wide range of animal and birdlife including owls, eagles, Hornbills and many colourful smaller birds, many  of which are migratory. visitors are strongly advised not to walk in the woods after sunset, and to be sensibly wary at other times.

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