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Together On The  Way To Sustainable


We are looking to bring people together from different backgrounds who are interested in or have experience of, sustainable practices. Join us, to support the creation of an ecovillage that imparts knowledge and experience to people, regardless of age, background, and belief.


Our aim is to develop the land in an eco-conscious way, using permaculture techniques, natural buildings, growing sustainably while also being respectful of the local culture & traditions, of people who call this remote Himalayan region their home.


The principles of Kalimpong Village Retreat – self-sufficiency, zero waste, renewable power generation, organic growing, sharing, and connection to nature – have been practiced by humanity for thousands of years. It is only comparatively recently, following widespread urbanization in the Industrial Revolution, together with globalization, that they have been forgotten.


In this time of post-pandemic, we believe these principles hold even more relevance than ever in past and are essential for the future world – one in which present society, based on consumerism and exploitation, maybe heading for complete collapse.


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Our Farmstay & It's Surroundings

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