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At Kalimpong Village Retreat, you have a chance to enjoy living in peaceful Himalayan village and take pleasures of simple rural lifestyle.

Ours is a working farm and guests are welcome to experience and participate in the daily farm activities like , Picking the fruits , Tending the crops, Milking of cows, feeding Goats and free range farm chickens, Making wood fire , Cutting logs, Working on Organic Kitchen Garden and much more.

We respect traditional farming methods of this region which have been in practice by the locals since many generations, without the use of any chemicals, pesticides and weedicides.  Organic farming is key to maintaining bio diversity on the farm. We are in constant pursuit of creating an ecological balance on the farm by leveraging natural resources available to us on the farm.

Our farm is not for profit. We take pride in bringing awareness about nature and make children as well as adults aware of the environmental issues, in the hope that we can inspire a few who can think and act as responsible citizens with renewed respect for the environment.

Guests are invited to join in various Farm activities, depending on their interests. People who wish to practice and learn about organic farming will find there stay rewarding. It is also an opportunity for today’s urbanized people to rediscover themselves by connecting with earth in a very hands on manner.

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