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With continuous effort to create Kalimpong Village Retreat ,as a sustainable community, we firmly believe in shared learning experiences.  We passionately believe that learning is two-way process, hence we offer following options :



Inviting professionals & Trainers


We wish to extend our support and offer our place for conducting the following workshops-


  • Natural building & Eco-friendly Architecture

  • Wellness & yoga workshops

  • Waste upcycling

  • Permaculture & Organic farming

  • Performing Art & Dance workshop

  • Theater and dramatics

  • Painters and Sculptors

  •  Environment conservation

  • Renewable Energy experts

  • Eco Architects & Engineers

We organize following Workshops for you

  • Survival Skills – We offer workshops on essential skills required while living at rustic farm or wilderness like chopping of wood, Making survival Shelter, collecting firewood , searching  food from the forest.

  • Bamboo Craft – Making Baskets, and other useful items

  • Horticulture – Kalimpong is world-famous for its extraordinary flower and Orchid nurseries. If you are a gardening enthusiast, it’s the right place to enrich your skills. 

  •  Nepali Cooking -  You can learn Some of its popular recipes like Momos, Thukpa Soup, Green Saag, and freshly prepared Chutneys

  • Organic Farming

  • Tree plantation

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