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We are looking for all sorts of volunteers, from beginners to experts, to help share ideas and energy. We are open-minded, we want to create a space for growth of all kinds, personal and natural. Although we aren’t at the farm full-time year-round, we have a network of friends and neighbours who look out for us and us for them

Since we are still in the early stage of the project we are open to anyone that agrees with our general goal which is to create an environment in service of love, art, beauty, and consciousness. So when it comes to details we would like to be joined by artists, healers, architects, builders, yoga teachers, well-being trainers in general, medically-trained people, and those with an agriculture background, as well as eco engineers.


With that being said the most important for us are people interested in learning so even if you don't have any of those skills yet don't be shy, the fact that you would like to invest your time and energy in such a project is more than enough to join at this particular stage.

Immediate Requirement 

  • Farm  & Property  Managers

We give an opportunity for individuals to volunteer their services as a Farm Manager while on self-actualization & sustainable lifestyle sabbatical for a minimum of 3 months.


  • Helping with social media, photos, and film shooting


If you are creative, innovative and a real social-media expert this is your ideal opportunity to use your skills towards building a sustainable society

Additionally , we are working on these projects:

We can arrange a wide range of volunteering depending on your area of interest. If you are an individual who is willing to, develop skills and believe in a sustainable community lifestyle by taking up responsibilities close to nature, then this is the program for you.

  • Sustainable organic farming & permaculture

  • Yoga Teachers and Wellness experts

  • Painters, Musicians, and other artists, using our farm as a creative platform.

  • Dairy farming and animal care, focusing on local species.

  • Teaching kids at local village schools

  • Horticulture & Floriculture (Taking care and creating new Fruit orchard and flower nursery)

  • Eco-warriors - river clean-up and waste management.

  • Himalayan mountain conservation through plantation of indigenous forest trees.

  • Farm fencing and water management

  • Establishing Mirco enterprises-based Handicraft & Agro-processing, to preserve traditional skills and generate alternative livelihood. 

  • Building infrastructure at Farm using eco-friendly and recycled materials.   

  • Nature conservation project, focusing on resident bird, insect, and other wildlife.

  • Promoting rural tourism (Preservation of local language, culture, and arts)

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